what does blood pooling look like exactly?

I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell all of you what blood pooling is like for me. It varies but signs of blood pooling on me include: purple/blue skin (looks like a huge bruise) sometimes mixed with red or hives. red, hot and swollen. goosebumps. some areas hot to the touch, other areas cold. swelling (especially in my ankles and above my knees). sometimes if I take a warm shower or bath (and sometimes for whatever reason), my legs will actually pulsate or throb from the blood flow. They will often hurt as if I just worked them out.

I decided when I made this blog that in the name of awareness and hopefully helping others, I would have to include even the photos that showed the ugly. These photos don’t compare to what my legs can look like at times in person but it shows enough. You’ll see swelling, the red blotchiness I get and the purple is actually lighter in the pictures than it is in real life. The bottom one is from me standing.. all I was doing was coming in and out of the house to water plants – it wasn’t hot or anything like that.





15 thoughts on “what does blood pooling look like exactly?

  1. Blood pooling is so painful! Compression stockings aren’t comfortable, but they help so much. I never realized how much I could feel the blood pooling until I began wearing the stockings. When I take them off and stand, I’m astounded. The only brand I find tolerable are Jobst… I don’t get hives or respond badly to hot water, but my friend does. That just sounds miserable. 😦


    • I will have to look into those stockings! Thanks for the tip. The worst part about the showers is I am in pain when they are on the cooler side because my body feels like it can’t get warm… So I end up doing it probably too warm because all I can think is “I need to get warm NOW!” I end up having to rest and lay down after every single shower anymore so I just do it before bed. I get the hives at other times too.. Antihistamines have helped with some of it though!


  2. Looks exactly like my legs 🙂 People often think I’m sunburned on my legs because more often than not they see my legs when I’m standing. So glad you include photos, even of the ‘ugly’!

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    • It’s good to know you’re not alone! When I was first diagnosed, I had no idea what some of the symptoms meant or what my symptoms were actually called. When I came across photos, it was amazing to put names to what I have been dealing with for years. I am a visually-minded person so hopefully I can help others in that way too.

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  3. Oh my, that’s exactly what I have! I never knew there were people like me out there, I’ve had it since I was 13, I get terrified of having to wear shorts or knee length dresses, nearly said no to being my cousin’s bridesmaid, simply because I knew I’d have to expose my legs. The only thing I’ve found to help has been intense exercise, five days a week, and that’s extremely difficult for me to maintain. Thank you so much for uploading these photos, it means I can finally put a name to it.

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    • Hello – I apologize for the delay in my response. I am glad my photos helped you but I am sorry you have to deal with it in the first place.

      I have found using a recumbent bike helps and it is easy to keep up with as long as you are consistent. You have to start slowly though. Have you tried this method?


  4. I have gone to the doctors so many times and they just don’t know why my legs look like this!! My circulation is fine. Ive come across this photo above and it’s like looking in a mirror!! I feel so happy to finally have what I think is a name to it! I’ll go to the doctors and see if they think POTS is what I have.

    Is there a cure for this? I have never been able to wear shorts/dresses. 😦
    I’d love to have my normal white ghostly legs back (they are normal when laying down)!!!


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